You will be supported by tested methods
These includes strategy consulting, organizational consulting, information technology consulting and application advice. The consultation includes conceptual design, implementation planning, support for the recommended measures and management change.

Strategy advice
We advise our customers in optimizing the company strategy with regard to market environment, business potentials (product range and market access), management organization as well as the resources personnel, information technology, facilities and financial resources.

Organizational consulting
We focus on optimizing the management organisation, in an interaction with company strategy and at the same time realignment of information and communication resource usage.

Information technology consulting
Our system house understands the optimization of the IT approach from the perspective of management, in an interaction with management organisation and company strategy. As part of Consulting Services, the system house advises you on optimizing your IT operations, from service to infrastructure to efficient management of IT systems. During the implementation we accompany you through competent and experienced project managers. In order to make your IT operation even more optimal, we increase your customer satisfaction and profitability.

Application advice
Application advice is the process of the application analysis and the support of customers in selecting and using suitable software packages, as well as consulting for possibilities of system integration taking into account the available scope of application.

Data protection officer
Since the reform of the Federal Data Protection Act, every company with more than nine employees who have to deal with personal data is obliged to appoint a company data protection officer. We take over the activities of the external data protection officer.

The BDSG requires that companies, natural persons and legal persons collect, process or utilize personal data in automated form, and at least 9 employees usually deal with data processing within a period of one month after the start of data collection, use or processing Data protection officers in writing. (§ 4 f BDSG).

Last appointment
The provision of § 46 (BDSG), which has allowed a transitional period for such enterprises, now requires that the non – public authorities mentioned under (those of the private economy, in contrast to the public authorities: administration, authorities) May 2016 to appoint a data protection officer.

If the order period is not followed, a fine of up to € 25,000 (43 II BDSG) may be imposed. In the case of negligent or intentionally unlawful collection, processing or automated processing, even a fine of up to € 250,000 may be imposed.

Operational data protection officers must have the appropriate legal knowledge as well as IT knowledge.


Our IT specialists and logisticians carry out analysis of the actual situation of the Status Quo Landscape of your company, work out new concepts, create project plans and coordinate the implementation of
– IT Network Planning and Setup
– Upgrading
– Migration Projects
– Operational / Support Services

Exchange EDB Data Rescue

We FIX your EDB and/or export your EDB in PST-files!
We test your Exchange 5.0, 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007 EDB or version 2010 in advance – for free.
After your order we will fix your data and will provide you the mailboxes in single PST’s.
You can then archive these PST’s and import them in every Outlook-version or in Exchange.
Send us your corrupted or not accessible EDB via e-mail, download from the internet or on CD/DVD.
We will check your data and tell you immediately if the data can be exported.
Only then you have to pay the amount (depending on the number of mailboxes) in advance.
Your data will be treated seriously under consideration of the laws of data privacy.
This service is exclusively provided and will be personally executed by our CEO.
Our CEO is Microsoft certified, IT business engineer and certified data protection officer.
Therefore your sensitive data will be in good hands. Afterwards the data will be irretrievably deleted.

These Exchange error messages are not a problem:
– Corrupted header information
– Deleted mail boxes
– Exchange Server Error 550
– Unable to initialize the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service.
– “JET_errRecordNotFound, the key was not found” , “Jet_errRecordDeleted”.
– All types of Jet Engine Errors
– Improper Exchange Server shutdowns
– Exchange Server Error Code 528
– Duplicate Keys (Identifiers)
– 614. All future database updates will be rejected. Information Store (3420) Unable to rollback operation #65678740 on database
– Error -528 initializing the Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store database.

We are also prepared for the following mistakes:
– # JET_errBadDbSignature -531
– # JET_errDatabaseStreamingFileMismatch -540
– # JET_errConsitentTimeMismatch -551
– # JET_errDatabaseDirtyShutdown -550
– # JET_errInvalidDatabaseId -1010
– # JET_errInvalidDatabase -1028
– # JET_errFileInvalidType -1812
– # JET_errFileInvalidType -1812
– # JET_errDatabaseCorruptedNoRepair -1224

Implementation and Support

Constructed on the specification for a suitable solution which will be completed with the preparation of documentation.
Upon request we offer terminal care of appropriate maintenance contracts.
You get a functionally reliable and scalable solution that guarantees both low default costs and high availability and investment protection for several years. In addition to maintenance and hotline, contracts are also available at short notice with replacement equipment readily available. Their network is ready for use around the clock. For all services, you can also rely on the installation and commissioning of a comprehensive service.
We strive on a long-term, cooperative partnership to our customers, that provides the most value over the entire life cycle of a network and guarantees minimum downtime through an efficient service.
We are willing to help.


Now take advantage of a modern form of financing. Calculate your personal leasing offer now.
We will work out the right leasing financing for you so your balance sheet is not burdened or needs periodical use of new equipment.


If you have decentralized external offices, we will of course also implement the necessary branch connections, both conceptually and in practice.
The project planning, construction and commissioning of active components, e.g. Hubs, switches, routers, etc. will be taken over for you as well.
In addition, we can also provide you with remote maintenance in various configuration stages, which makes it possible to assist any user with questions in the operator guidance from our office – without start-up costs and time losses.
Important aspects such as Data security and of course, an uninterrupted power supply, have already been duly taken into account during the planning phase.
Networks LAN/WAN, Router-Installation, Satellite connections, Internetworking ( Intra-Extra-Internet ), Wireless lan-wireless networks, structured cable systems, After-Sales-Services, Server-Client-solutions over WYSE-Terminals, Terminal server, Service and Repair, support contracts, remote support over ISDN, Outsourced Administrator, Internet-Access Content and Commerce.
We will be pleased to send you our current service price list.

Service Vehicles

We are around the clock at your service, with our service vehicles. For large and small deliveries – our fleet is equipped. A rapid response is guaranteed. The vehicles are placed directly at our locations.