Carbonite’s Cloud and Hybrid Backup solutions ensure continuous business operations. With Carbonite you back up data, processes and servers quickly and reliably and restore them in an emergency, lightning fast. You can test our services. Protect your most important asset: your business data!


On the basis of owncloud, we offer cloud solutions in our German data centers with data matching in another German data center (second fire section) with regard to data security and data protection.


iDGARD is a German cloud service according to protection class 3 of the TÜViT of the TÜVNORD Group, which ensures the data exchange in digital communication and cooperation with partners and customers at the highest level and simplifies at the same time. With iDGUARD, you create virtual data spaces for projects or resolve your FTP and filesharing services. On the road, you can access your data at any time via an app or browser – and at the highest security level.


Regibox is a project and group-based tool with end-to-end encryption.


Regichat is a highly professional and secure chat offer with additional possibilities such as verifiability of conversation content, participants and time.


Regimail makes a normal e-mail to a secure electronic letter, which is comprehensiblelegally compliant and for integrity. Regimail is easily integrated into existing corporate solutions.
Regify ensures encryption of the messages with AES256, protocols and signatures with RSA2048. Hash codes are transferred with SHA256. Simple usage is done without certificates with existing e-mail address and password.