Company presentation in the current issue of the „Niederbayerische Wirtschaft“

From the spam software to the „Niederbayern-Cloud“

Data technology, protection and security in any form – as well as the electronic data exchange between companies and the CDS data centers are in the areas
the company CDS Systeme GmbH & Co.KG is active in Regen. In addition to local production companies, this includes a large online mail order company such as some supermarket chains. The founder and current CEO Stefan Spörrer began in the early 80s as a one-man operation, programmed from 1985, the first merchandise management systems and built a little later in the garage, the first server for customers together. Today, he is responsible for three IT operations with nearly 40 employees. The head office is located in Regen in the newly built building in 2013, which comprises 24 rooms over 600 square meters. The company maintains data centers in addition to three different locations in Germany. CDS also has its own anti-spam solution called ASS. As managed services, CDS refers to the protection of all types of corporate data in hybrid cloud solutions, as IT outsourcing and IT out- tasking enables customers to outsource services and, with the help of CDS employees, to outsource the short-term, in-house customer IT. but also older with specialists and up-to-date know-how. To create an interesting and secure storage space for the CDS team with COMPLAVIS the „Lower Bavaria Cloud“. The COMPLAVIS GmbH has its
Focus on structured electronic data exchange, also known as EDI. Since 2012, COMPLAVIS has been a leading provider with local technology and employees in Germany, with technological and process-safe expertise, also in documentation, archiving and compliance. SPOERRER.IT helps corporate management teams to deal with risks at an early stage in the context of risk and compliance and identify weak points in the audits and eliminate them. The three companies are currently working for four continents.